I Am The Engineer

I am also an Artist,

a Father, a Cyclist, a Coach, an Inventor,

and a Serial Entrepreneur.

To find me and the things I do, start at  Synthesis Engineering Services, inc.,  where we do product design and development for customers from all over the world.  This is also the place to connect for experienced Engineering Consulting and assistance with your projects.  Though we specialize in Product Design, Mechanical Engineering and Development, we also do a bunch of design for Custom Machines and assisting inventors.

To see past projects in slides, and for a glimpse at future Engineering adventures, please visit  The Starting Spark.

Or, try  Mechanical Elements,  the Do-It-Yourself Plans Portal, to land a great DIY project.  All of those blueprints available there are authored by this Engineer.

Areas of expertice are focused in creativity and innovation with product desgin and development.  It does not matter if the product is large or small, a consumer product, an industrial product or a commercial custom machine, so much of design is application of fundamentals applied specific to the new task.  Creativity and innovation are hallmarks of the work and that is reflected in the many patents I have the privlige of assisting with -- starting right out of college.

I believe in sharing the best of who and what we are.  Not in the social media spew of daily events (though that does have it's place), but in sharing of knowledge to help and build others.  To that end, I write a lot, and attempt to share information to assist others.  Almost everything on Synthx.com, MechanicalElements.com and WickWerks.com is my voice.  In particular, the Engineer's Perspective, the Library of Articles and Pro/E Tips of the Month (Synthx), the Mechanic's Post (Mechanical Elements), and nearly all the WickWerks website including the technical support articals and videos.  Sharing to make the world a better place is part of what I do.

Finally, the direct connection to me is the Synthesis Contact Page which will send your message right to me.  Feel free to get in touch.


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